What do we need to know about Night Optics?


Night vision has become prevalent these days, especially for the military. All fighter planes and helicopters are using night vision devices. Even the soldiers use the night vision goggles to spot and eradicate insurgents. All such tools are omnipresent in law enforcements but as the price decreases, the usage of such devices is becoming common nowadays. Still. Some officers are confused about the working of night vision binoculars and when and how to use these. 

Here is the proper info that every buyer needs to know before buying any night optics.

What stuff is good? 

Many applications are there for both I2 as well as thermal light vision in law enforcement. This is a brilliant tool for various applications such as sniper overwatch, searches of darkened warehouses, surveillance, SWAT operations, and looking at what others are doing in the dark. Thermal systems are best suitable for search and rescue, recovery of evidence, and detecting which car has been driving recently. You can even determine if somebody is executing any operation within a house.

Both have some limitations. In urban areas, street lights, as well as house lights, hindered I2. Moreover, it is not possible to see through snow, fog, heavy rain, and other obscurants. However, thermal is obstructed by window and windshield glass but it can see through smoke and other obscurants. A sharp image cannot be formed by thermal for a positive ID. For example, thermal cannot make it visible to see a boy clearly but it can be seen that someone is there with a pistol. So, it does not reveal the identity. 

What is the cost of I2?

When we are discussing I2, then it all comes to quality which is not related to the intensifier tubes but also regarding the features and the optics. The PVS14 monocular systems are the most popular image intensifier tool that is used by law enforcement and a broad range of variants like this system. A good-quality of generation 2+ monocular system costs around $2000 and if you want Generation 3, then the cost will be doubled.

What is the cost of thermal?

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For the operations of law enforcement, the handheld thermal camera costs around $10,000. Then, there is an increase in the sale of infrared sensors and it reduces the cost of handheld thermal cameras to $4000 for top-notch quality. 

How to judge the quality of night binoculars?

It is easy in the case of thermal. You need to keep a check over the resolution with 640 × 480 which is considered as the best. The thermal with a resolution of 320 × 240 will also do a good job. As the resolution increase, the price will also increase on the average handheld systems.

But it is complicated to judge the quality of I2 equipment. You can determine the quality of I2 through the characteristics and the image intensifier tube. To get a lousy system, you can pair up Gen 3 tube with that of lousy optics. The resolution of this equipment is measured in IP/mm with around 64 to 72 IP per mm which is the gold standard. It is recommended by experts to buy this equipment with a resolution of 45 IP per mm for most of the operations. 

How to test before buying? 

A strong test and Evaluation programs have adopted by most of the sellers of law enforcement night vision equipment. Most of them also allow you to use this equipment on operations while buying these night binoculars. Check the with. https://www.agmglobalvision.com/

Is any training required?

To get the best use of this equipment, try to take proper training of all these devices. Training is also offered by some sellers. You want to hire a company for providing training, and then it is good to take some recommendations from I2 vendor. 


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