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Drake Clears Air With Kylie Jenner, Ends The Feud

The rapper Drake recently opened up about his unreleased song in which Kylie Jenner was getting disrespected. He clear everything on Instagram. Some people don’t know what actually happened between them, so here’s what you should know about the fight of both celebrities:

Kylie Jenner Got Disrespected In Drake’s Song

In the unreleased track, Kylie Jenner was called a side piece. Drake earlier collaborated with Future for a track but later it was scrapped. The song is recently exposed throughout Night Owl Sound’s Instagram Live. In the song, Future raps: ‘Yeah, I’m a hater to society, Kylie Jenner, that’s a side piece / Yeah, I got 20 Kylies.’

Drake also talked about Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner in the rap: ‘Yeah, I got 20 damn Kendalls / Young slim baddies and them in Vogue / Yeah, I got 20 Gigis.’

Drake Apologized To Kylie Jenner

Drake recently talked about the controversial rap song in which Jenner got disrespected. He mentioned on his Instagram story, expressed his feelings, and apologized to her. He said in a statement: ‘A track that Mark played last night on Night Owl sound live set shouldn’t have been run. It’s a track that leaked 3 years ago and got dismissed quickly after.

He was going too deep in the drake/future catalog. The ultimate thing I’d want to do is wake up having any friends of mine feeling disrespected so I just had to stay that to start off the day.’

Drake And Kylie Jenner
Source: Entertainment Tonight

People Got Angry Over Drake Online

On Twitter, some fans showed their anger when they got to know that how the rapper disrespected Jenner in his unreleased track. One of the fans said that ‘A Drake‚Äôs 3 years old song got leaked and he was calling Kylie Jenner a side piece, mind you she was 19 at that moment, CREEPY.’

Rumors Of Drake And Kylie Jenner

Earlier, there were some reports that Drake was dating Kylie Jenner after her breakup with Travis Scott. It was happened in 2019, that sources claimed they were in a relationship, but nobody officially confirmed about this thing.

Before the rumors, Travis Scott also collaborated with Dake for the 2019 song “Sicko Mode.”

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