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Florida Woman Charged For Allowing A Toddler To Do Narcotics, Charged After Overdose

Specialists state a Florida woman permitted a baby to overdose on narcotics and illegal stuff.


The Palm Beach Post reports that Nicole Ciufi, 33, was captured early Monday morning and accused of kid disregard.

Ciufi told police she had been distant from everyone else with the 13-month-old kid Sunday night at her West Palm Beach loft when she saw the kid had all the earmarks of being pounding teeth and attempting to relax. At around 8 p.m. she brought the little child down to the high rise’s front work area to require an emergency vehicle since her telephone was broken, she said.

Police say

St. Mary’s Medical Center emergency clinic staff utilized Narcan to resuscitate the baby.

A specialist told police that tests demonstrated cocaine in the youngster’s framework. The specialist additionally presumed fentanyl, however test results for the intense torment executioner weren’t quickly accessible.

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