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Former Texas Lt. Governor’s Girlfriend Arrested After She Carried Two Brutal Assaults

Texas specialists captured the live-in sweetheart of previous Texas Lt. Senator, David Dewhurst after she purportedly completed two severe attacks during a local squabble.

Chron reports that Houston specialists captured Leslie Ann Caron, 40, and accused her of injury to an older individual after she assaulted 74-year-old Dewhurst. As per police, Caron assaulted Dewhurst on May 13 after a disagreement regarding a call. Caron was supposedly angry with Dewhurst after he didn’t make a call to a business partner.

Lawyer Mary McFadden, of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, showed.

That Caron was accused of a crime because of the casualty’s age. Had he been younger than 65, Caron likely would have confronted an offense allegation.

The fact of the matter is there’s nobody size fits all when we talk about aggressive behavior at home. Abusive behavior at home crosses all lines. It crosses financial, race, physical orientation, age. It’s all over the place. It’s uncontrolled. It’s common, McFadden said.

A supposed assault happened again a few days after the fact when Caron came back to Dewhurst’s home; court reports state. She’s blamed for hitting him with a pot, kicking him, and scratching him. A specialist later treated Dewhurst for cracked ribs.

Dewhurst is recouping from his wounds, yet supposedly said he’s not keen on squeezing charges on Caron, ABC 13 reports.

Dewhurst said in an announcement read by his lawyer-

I’m not keen on documenting any charges against Leslie. She’s a noteworthy lady with many fine properties. I want her to enjoy all that life has to offer throughout everyday life, Dewhurst said in an announcement read by his lawyer.

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In the meantime, Caron denied the attack and purportedly guaranteed that Dewhurst was harmed while moving things from a distribution center. She likewise told an official that Dewhurst assaulted her.

Caron demonstrated the official a wound on her arm and redness around her neck, yet the official verified that the imprints were not predictable with being choked or assaulted.

Caron was captured and taken to the Harris County prison.

She was along these lines discharged on given a $10,000 bond. An appointed authority advised her to remain in any event 300 feet from Dewhurst consistently, to abstain from setting off to his home, and to avoid any weapons. She’s additionally been disallowed from drinking liquor or utilizing narcotics.

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