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Lana Del Rey Hit Out At Critics Accuses Her Of Glamorizing Abuse

The singer Lana Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, savagely gave a reply about getting criticized for her music by the critics. Here’s what she said about them:

Lana Del Rey Talked About Critics Who Accused Her Of Glamorizing Abuse

The singer came forward and revealed that she is facing objection for her music by the critics. They said that the singer is just “glamorizing abuse” in her tracks. She shared a long post on her Instagram handle and revealed everything about it. First, she started comparing herself with other singers like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, etc. Here’s her Instagram post have a look:

She replied about the criticism by saying that she just told the reality in her tracks and not try to bring women down, she said in a statement: ‘I’m fed up with female writers and alt singers saying that I glamorize abuse when in actuality I’m just a glamorous person singing regarding the realities of what we are all now witnessing are very prevalent abusive relationships all over the world. 

Lana Del Rey Also Talks About Her Upcoming Album 

At the end of the post, the singer said that she wants to say more about what she is going through and revealed that her seventh album will also release on September 5, 2020. Her two new poetry books are also coming up in which she said everything in detail.

She said in a statement at the end of her post to the fans: ‘Thanks for reading, happy quarantining.’

Lana Del Rey Replied Haters On Her Instagram Post 

Many people started trolling her when they saw the post of the singer on Instagram. They claimed that she is anti-feminist and spreading racism with her Instagram post.

She replied on her Instagram post: ‘Don’t ever ever ever call me racist. The singers I quoted are my favorite singers so if you require to attempt and make a bone to pick out of that; you always do be my guest. If you require to say that that has something to do with race that’s your idea but that’s not what I was saying.’

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