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One Piece Live-Action: 5 Things We Know So Far

One piece is indeed one of the most loved anime series on Netflix, and the series has catered to a large fanbase in years of its airing. Fans love the series, and they were eagerly waiting for the twist in the series. And finally, it seems to be happening, and Netflix is coming with a live-action One Piece. The live-action of the series will also happen in the watch of creator Eiichiro Oda.

Major Things To Know

The planning was apt, and the planning part was almost over, and the series would have been a reality by August. The series was developed by Tomorrow Studios. The locations were planned, and other related stuff of filming and cast would have taken care of by August. The series was expected to kickstart the filming process of One Piece in cape town, South Africa. Now things have changed, and it can delay for a long time.

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. Now social distancing is the new normal, and this is going to affect our lives. The adaption to the new way of life will also affect the filming process and other related stuff. On top of it, most of the countries have banned international flights and entry of foreigners. So, either the location has to be shifted or wait for the international flights to operate. Anyway, the pandemic has delayed the live-action series, and there is nothing one can do about it.

Now the showrunner is expecting that the international flights may start from September, and then they can expect to kickstart the filming process. The casting process will also take a while, and as of now, the casting hasn’t started. The producers seem to be in the mood of starting the filming process in September. The production process is way bigger than snowpiercer, and this is going to take more time. Mary Adelstein is expecting that producing a live-action of one piece will be a humungous task. She was associated with snowpiercer too, so she has a lot of experience with this.

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This time things are going to be a bit different for Mary Adelstein, and this is something which is going to affect the filming process too. Oda-sensei is very particular about the series and the way the storyline will be presented. Oda-sensei seems to be invested a lot in the series, and he is very particular about the minute details being presented in the series. His association with Netflix can be a game-changer for Netflix, and this is going to change the face of anime series forever.

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If this series succeeds, then we can have plenty of other anime series which will be made into live-action series. Of late, the anime to live-action series has been in the favorites, and there are many series which have succeeded. So it will be interesting to see how these series turn out.

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