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The 100 Will Close Series With A Prequel

We all tread on the track of possibilities, and this is happening to The 100. The series is going to air its last season, the seventh season. The series has a considerably big fanbase, and this compelled the producers to open up the possibility of a prequel. The prequel of the series is going to take place once the series finishes the seventh and final season of The 100. The reason for a prequel spinoff series lies deep down with the sentiment of fans. The series has ample ground to go for a prequel spinoff series.

Although the talks on the possible prequel series depend largely on the producers, the reason why spinoff is being talked is related to the fact that the ending of the seventh season will lay the foundation of a possible prequel spinoff series. Talks are still in the nascent stage, and not much has been disclosed on the spinoff series. The spinoff may or may not take place, but the producers are not leaving any void, which may be a hurdle in a spinoff series. The series is going 97 years back to lay the foundation of the prequel series. This is going to affect the series, and there is no reason why the producers would do this unintentionally.

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What’s the status of the prequel spinoff series of The 100?

The series will finish its final season, and then the showrunner Jason Rothenberg is expected to kickstart the work. The cast details and other story details aren’t in the public domain. The producers have decided to keep this element discreet. The spinoff series is going to have a grand storyline, and this is expected to be even bigger than the original series. There is ample room to explore the backdrop of The 100.

There were many speculations on the continuation of the series beyond the seventh season. There was no confirmation on this, but eventually, the producers thought of clearing the air on the possibilities of extending the series. There are several reasons which lead to discontinuation of the series. The series was running on a brilliant storyline, and it was planned for seven seasons. So any extension beyond the seventh season would have meant that the series is risking its rating and viewership.

So the producers and showrunner Jason Rothenberg came to an alternate, which we may see in the form of a spinoff series. The reasoning behind this prequel is to present the same story but in a different frame of reference. This will save the parent series and will give the fans another dose of entertainment without altering the genesis. So it was a good decision for the producers to come up with a unique solution.

The producers and showrunner Jason Rothenberg have left these elements in the last season. This will automatically accentuate the demand of the series, and there will be no reason for not renewing the series. Once the details are updated on the prequel spinoff series, we will update the page.

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