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’13 Reasons Why’: ‘Season 4’ 3 Things Revealed In The Official Trailer You Didn’t Notice

There are many TV series which are youth centralized, but there are few who can claim to have a viewership or content quality as that of 13 Reasons Why. There is a lot of small elements in the series, which makes up the wholesome quality content. The mere fact that it has fanbase from people of all the age brackets. This sums up to prove that the series is doing something truly incredible. One of the pertinent reasons as to why the series is so popular is the fact that it talks about the less talked issues of youth. There are many issues related to youth ranging from substance abuse to mental health and from social stigmas to lack of sex education.

Final Trailer

The series has been in the top on Netflix, and it is consistently rising to the occasion. The series has produced three seasons so far, and each of them has been spectacular. There is a considerably large fanbase of the series, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the fourth season. The fourth season will be the last too and perhaps the most controversial too. There is a lot of things which were unanswered till now, and they are going to get uncovered this season.

The trailer revealed a lot, but there are things which may appear to be oblivious if we don’t look into the details. Many fans were very happy from the trailer, but some don’t seem to like the trailer. Although nobody can judge the fourth season only by its trailer and there is a lot of substance which is going to make the series way better than any trailer will describe.

Three things which were sneaked into the trailer you may not have noticed

  • Liberty high school students are all set to graduate from High school. This means that a lot is going to change in their lives. So this implies that the fourth season will have more unexpected things than one would have anticipated. The series is all set to take your imagination to the next level. It was evident from the trailer that not all of the graduating students were happy, and they were afraid because of their past. They know it well that their mistakes of the past are going to cost way dearer than they would have thought. Their future will be impacted, and it was clear in the trailer.
  • There are certain incidents that are going to shape the finale season and Byrce Walker’s murder is going to be the most crucial one. Another twist which is going to be there in the final season is related to Winston. He is hell-bent to rescue monty as he is being wrongly framed for Bryce Walker’s murder.
  • Clay and friends are going to do something truly incredible in this season and this is why they have been in the focal area of the trailer.
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