Independence Day Events Are Canceled In Many Cities Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

Independence Day 2020
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The coronavirus outbreak is impacting our daily lives in many ways. Due to the dangerous virus, the Government imposed complete lockdown and ordered everyone to stay at home and avoid social gatherings. Theaters are shut down, and the release date of the upcoming movies is getting delayed. Also, sports events, tech seminars, festivals, and music concerts postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, many activities associated with the 2020 Independence Day are getting canceled and postponed for safety reasons. Many cities across the globe canceled the festivals, parades, and fireworks displays, which were scheduled to happen on July 4, 2020. Here’s a list of some cities who canceled events of Independence Day due to coronavirus:

Southport Canceled Independence Day Activities

In Southport, North Carolina, the celebration which was planned to happen on July 4 on the occasion of Independence Day is canceled due to the coronavirus. It is postponed until next year for the safety of people.

The Mayor of Southport Joseph Hatem, issued a statement regarding the cancelation of the events on social media. He said in a statement: ‘It is my order during this COVID-19 Pandemic that … this celebration of independence and freedom be canceled to help in preventing the spread of this contagious disease. This was a tough decision, but the most prudent one and will … save lives.’

Independence Day
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In Lebanon Parade Canceled But Fireworks Show Happening 

In Lebanon, Ohio, authorities decided to cancel many activities that include a parade, for Independence Day. But the Fireworks show is happening only. The yearly fireworks show will take place on July 3 at 10 p.m., and all citizens allowed to watch it.

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In the city, the citizens are allowed to watch the display from the Warren County Fairgrounds or any other place.

Menifee Canceled All Activities Except Fireworks Show

Independence Day is the biggest event for the city Menifee in California. But unfortunately, the authorities have to cancel all the activities except the fireworks show due to coronavirus.

At this tough time, the Menifee City Council only allowed everyone for a fireworks display on Independence Day. The fireworks show will happen on June 27, 2020, and everybody is allowed to see but only from parked cars or nearly houses.


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