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Florida Woman Arrested And Charged With Homicide For Brutally Stabbing A Man

A Florida lady has been accused of a careless crime after doctors reacting to a call about a heart failure Friday night found a 19-year-old person dead on the floor.

Lillian Patterson, 19, at first told police that Xavier Collins had staggered out of the room and fell, inert, on the floor. A criminologist and a clinical inspector’s office examiner, nonetheless, found that Collins had a horrendous physical issue to his upper left chest, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

Patterson then told investigators.

That one of a few kids in the house was holding the blade and that Collins had fallen onto it. In one more clarification, she said that both she and a youngster were holding blades, and Collins fell onto one of them.

After she was brought to the sheriff’s office, Patterson told questioners that before at night, a 2-year-old youngster moved toward her holding a steak blade. She said she took the blade from the kid and was holding it in her correct hand while looking over her telephone with her left.

The sheriff’s office said in an announcement.

Patterson says sooner or later at night, while she was all the while holding the blade, Collins went into the room and started ‘grappling’ with her, the sheriff’s office said in an announcement. Patterson told analysts she pushed Collins off her with her left hand, making the casualty fall onto the blade she was holding in her correct hand.

The sheriff’s office said

The changed her announcement on numerous occasions in regards to where she was holding the blade and recognized she had a lot of time to drop the blade previously, and during, the time the person in question, Collins, was ‘grappling’ with her.

Patterson is anticipating her first court appearance at the Marion County Jail.

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