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Two Texas Attorneys Has Been Arrested After Planning To Kill Ex-Husband

Two Texas lawyers have been charged in homicide for enlisting conspire after one of them paid a covert cop to buy a spotless weapon that would then be utilized to execute the ex of the other lawyer.

Police said-

Seth Andrew Sutton, 45, and Chelsea Tijerina, 33, needed to kill Tijerina’s ex, individual Waco safeguards lawyer Marcus Beaudin, police said.

Sutton and Tijerina were captured on Friday, accused of sales to kill, and requested hung on $1 million bonds each, as indicated by court records.

Beaudin, 37, was captured in Woodway in February, blamed for explicitly contact a 10-year-old relative in December. His lawyer has said that he denies those cases.

As per the capture sworn statements for Sutton and Tijerina

Sutton requested the covert Waco official on May 14. The official consented to take $300 to purchase a weapon, and Sutton said he would enable the official to skip town after Beaudin was dead, the affirmations said.

The covert official met with Sutton and Tijerina on May 21 to make arrangements, with Tijerina giving insights regarding Beaudin’s whereabouts. The arrangement was to slaughter Beaudin at his home, as indicated by the oath.

Both arrested on Friday

Both Sutton and Tijerina were captured Friday night.

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