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Onward: Will The Disney Movie Have A Sequel?

Onward is indeed the most liked anime movie released in recent times, and fans truly loved it. Onward received applaud from all the section of the audience, and it was indeed a success for Pixar. Now fans are expecting a second part of the movie. There has been a flurry of speculations around the second part of the movie. So we will like to explore the possibilities of having a second part of the movie and what has been the talk lately.

Bringing sequel makes franchises, but Pixar seems to walk off the road, and they haven’t been following the trend. So this does dim the chances of second part, but that doesn’t mean that we are outrightly rejecting any chance of a second part. The first part of Onwards was outstanding, and it deserves to have a second part. The first part had enough content to give continuity to the movie. Now the onus is on the producers, and it will be up to them to decide if they want to continue with the popular demand or leave the movie with only one part.

Pixar's Onward 2
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What’s the present status of the second part of Onwards?

If we leave the popular demand from fans, there is nothing substantial which may sum up to any possibility of the second part of Onwards. So far, none of the official sources has spoken on the issue. Thus this indicates that as of now, it is out of the loop, and Pixar is working on other projects. Of late Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney, Animation Studios haven’t been in the mood of making sequels. Several fans believe that sequel may end up jeopardizing even the parent movie.

The only problem with the sequel is that the movies are evaluated from the first part, and this completely takes away the essence of the second part. So this makes it imperative for the creators to tow the same line as that of the first part. So this suppresses creativity in one way or the other. There has to be something unique in the sequel while maintaining coherence with the first part. This makes the production tough, and other creative projects are left to hang in dry.

The possible release date of the second part of Onwards

Pixar animation studios haven’t been too fast with sequels. So even if they plan to make a sequel, it isn’t coming any sooner. There is a hell lot of work that has to be done, and in the case of Pixar, it is even tougher as they work with great precision. The release is unlikely to happen in the next three or four years. So this is going to take a while, and there is no point in expecting a sequel without an official word.

If we see Pixar animation’s track record concerning renewals, it took almost ten years to renew Toy Story’s third part. This sums up that the wait can be indefinite.

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