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Fear The Walking Dead: AMC Prepares To Return To The Filming

All the die-hard fans of Fear The Walking Dead were eagerly waiting for some news on the restart of the work. Finally, the good news came via Lennie James giving some insights on the resumption of filming work for the sixth season of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead

The parent series has been in with AMC since 2010, and it’s success led to the further accentuation of expectation. The resultant of the initial success of The Walking Dead led to the inception of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC. Now we already have five seasons, but the sixth season hasn’t started the filming and fans were anxious to know the details on renewal.

The COVID-19 pandemic is known to everyone, and this is the reason which led to the lockdown measures. Amid strict measures of lockdown and social-distancing, it became almost impossible to keep the work going.

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So this was all set to halt the filming process. The filming process was halted for three weeks in March, and now it hasn’t started. This is not unique or limited to Fear The Walking Dead; rather the whole entertainment industry has felt the brunt of the pandemic.

Lennie James isn’t sure on the start of the filming process.

Even at this point, Lennie James isn’t sure about the start of the filming process. Till now, no date has given by anyone. The lockdown measures are eased for sure, but the precautions taken are going to have consequences on us. This is the reason why a detailed plan has to chalked out to ensure that the workplace remains safe.

Governments across the globe are using different measures and regulations to ensure that workplaces can resume working. So there is a wide range of consultations being done by AMC to ensure that the safety of workers. The safety of workers is paramount at this point, as the contagious nature of coronavirus is the biggest troublemaker.

Other Updates

As far as the official restart time is concerned, Lennie James has categorically said that they don’t have any, and it won’t be possible for him to tell the exact date for the filming process to start. One of the biggest caveat that the entertainment industry in general and Fear The Walking Dead is facing, in particular, is social distancing.

It will be tough for anyone to have strict social distancing measures in front of a camera. There is numerous scene where it won’t be possible at all for the artist to maintain social distancing. There are multiple scenes where Zombies attack, and you can’t expect zombies to maintain social distancing. So this will make the series weird.

There has to be detailed planning for it, and one of the contentions is that the cast will have to be tested. And test results should be fast or else it will become impossible to have continuity in filming. Once the details are released on the filming of Fear The Walking Dead, we will update the details.

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