Digital Media, as growing worldwide, is ruling the world and in recent times is proving a boon to the industry as well as the business firms who want to grow their line among the best of all sectors. Digital platforms have taken over the place of traditional marketing with internet/online marketing. Almost all the firms have now grown their businesses more digitally rather than in-office. And why now? Nowadays all the people who look for a mass approach for people to know about their product or service need to market their strategies very effectively online to engage more audience and for them to cater to more options. So here’s what we have got to you in place. 

As we all know how Instagram has grown so popular worldwide and that it provides a lot of options to market your product. With the in-built video option it offers, one can put up as many videos as they want and edit it the way they want, either by applying filters or using alternate options for the same.


Have you ever wondered why brands go for videos over pictures or graphics to promote their product? That is because it gives not only visual but auditory appeal also. They form their marketing video in such a way that it tends to sway the audience in a smart way by inculcating human psychology features of feeling one with the video and its characters. However, a lot is required before the actual accomplishment.


Before starting up with making the videos, you must make sure that you have a clear goal in your mind. You need to know what kind of story would engage the audience and how they would perceive it if they see it from the way you do. Hence, make sure you portray your idea accordingly.


You need to make sure what kind of outcome you want through your video. The way you present it is of utmost importance as your presentation speaks half of your result. Make sure you add the proper tone to your video in accordance with your theme.


The video proves meaningless if it does not carry a story behind it. Not always do you need a storyboard for it. However, it is certain that you need to manage the time specifically, in accordance to your content as each second is essential for your video. The time limit is restricted to 60 seconds for a normal post on Instagram but it now provides another option which proves very convenient for the users, that is the IGTV, also known as Instagram TV. In this new feature, users are allowed to post their video for more than 60 seconds. The length is for about 15 seconds to 10 minutes. That’s true! You can now surely put up a better story for your brand.


Although Instagram offers IGTV at ease, your brand should make the smart move. As far as it goes, we know that a lot of content makes it tedious for the audience and viewers to watch it. Thus, you need to make sure that your video ends within those 60 seconds unless it is actually necessary or thrilling to watch.

For the video to seem appealing, you need to look upon the perfect lighting so that it does not mess up the work. Natural light works the best for making such videos. Try not to shoot under overhead lights as it wouldn’t really seem attractive. Creativity also should be ensured along with the lighting. Be as creative as you can even while shooting the video. If natural light does not favour you, you can surely create your own light! Yes, that is possible by using a reflector to soften the light, even the shadows and to brighten the portrait. You can even use the help of a poster board for the same.


The video should be shot of good quality, either with a DSLR or probably your own smartphone. But you should make sure it serves a qualitative video. Shooting should either be in a landscape or portrait mode as Instagram does not provide the crop option and limits to its own frame. Focus on the subject accordingly. Try to keep your hands steady while filming the video. If using a DSLR Camera, you can might as well use a Tripod.

It is important, in the end, that the viewers know what the video is about and unless it isn’t audible, they will not understand it. This goes so because Instagram videos continue to play silently unless tapped on the screen. Thus, Captions go the most important.


A brand makes good image by the content it provides to its viewers. One idea is never enough. To plant a consistent image, the brand must keep on brainstorming for better content ideas and its execution. Videos sure do require good effort in planning and so here are some of the ways to do so. 

Define the uniqueness of your Brand

Your product should have the stand out quality to maintain the image you have been wanting. You need to show the audience why and how your product is unique from the others and why the video needs to be watched by them. Give them the feeling they have been looking for, within your video.

Hype The Excitement 

Giving a sneak peek to the people out there just creates an atmosphere of suspence and to a point the audience do like it. Your brand can even put up a teaser to let the viewers know there is something more exciting coming up, and keep them guessing what would come up!


Behind the scenes is trending the most while filming any video nowadays. The audience likes watching actual scenes while the video was being filmed. It makes them connected to the video somehow. BTS can be a short video of the video being shot anywhere, in the workplace or just a normal day in life.

Explain The Basics 

Your brand can make up more content by giving tutorials and making it as entertaining as you can.

Create Concatenation

If your video seems to be long enough and you don’t want to go with the IGTV option, you can definitely create a series of your episodes or videos by putting up in a sequence. It tends to let your followers turn back to your page for watching the rest of the story.

Motion Videos

You can make stop motion videos by motion studio(for Iphone) and PicPac Stop Motion(for Android) and the editing would be done through the app itself.

Time-Lapse videos have also been trending as now it is available almost on all smartphones and probably anyone can just shoot and upload it as per their need and preference. It is more considerate as the time taken for the actual video is reduced to a great length in comparison to shooting the video.

However, Hyperlapse videos do permit you to squeeze your video in that one minute timeframe given by Instagram. One needs to download its app which is available for free. With this, your video is all set to be posted officially!

You are good to go now, provided you have the finest ad maker for your videos. 


As seen above, we get quiet a good picture of what it takes to make up a good Instagram video marketing strategy. Yes, content becomes of utmost importance but what is necessary is how well you execute and plan on implementing these strategies. 

Just go for it, it is either “cut” or “copy that”!

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