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Florida Woman Suffocated Boyfriend To Death In A Claimed Hide And Seek Game Gone Wrong

Horrific phone recordings have developed purportedly showing a Florida woman laughing and insulting her boyfriend as he shouted out for help while gradually suffocating inside a bag.


Sarah Boone, 42, was arrested in Winter Park on February 25 and accused of second-degree murder in the passing of her lover, 42-year-old Jorge Torres Jr.

Boone called officials to her home that evening, assuring that Torres died after she had zipped him inside a blue bag during a round of find the stowaway, which followed a night of drinking wine and doing a puzzle together.

The woman told the specialists that she and her lover both thought would be entertaining’ if Jorge moved inside the bag, and she shut it, as indicated by an arrest warrant got by DailyMail.com.

Officials Found Call RecordingsĀ 

Yet, her story unraveled after examiners found a couple of recordings on her phone indicating Torres whipping inside the bag, over and again getting out ‘Sarah’ and revealing to Boone he can’t relax.

During her underlying meeting with an analyst, Boone said she and Torres were painting pictures, finishing a riddle, and drinking Woodbridge Chardonnay when they chose to play Hide And Seek.

Boone said she shrouded upstairs in the shower, yet Torres never went up to search for her.

At the point when she came ground floor, she discovered Torres in the lounge, and together they chose to have her cover-up, Torres, in the blue bag, leaving two of his fingers standing out of the zipper.

Police Found Victim’s Dead Body

Officials who responded to the home in the 4700 square of Frantz Lane discovered Torres’ inert body lying on the floor close to a blue bag.

During the investigation, Boone gave verbal and composed agree to the investigator to look through her telephone, prompting the revelation of the two recordings.

During a second police talk, Boone denied getting into a battle with Torres and deliberately leaving him in the bag.

Boone, at that point, supposedly repudiated her unique proclamation to the police, accusing what occurred for her and Torres’.

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