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American Horror Story Season 10 Delayed Till 2021

The tenth season of American Horror Story is delayed until 2021, and this is confirmed news from FX. Most of the series has seen a similar situation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has a wide-ranging effect on all the sectors, and the entertainment industry is not untouched with the spread of this pandemic.

It Has Been Delayed

It was only a week before when Ryan Murphy, the showrunner, thought of starting the filming process by the end of summer. Unfortunately, this is something that was expected by the majority of fans.

There are already contentions in filming the series, and on top of it, the delay due to coronavirus has also affected the process. The series is heavily banking on climate as many portions are depending on the season and type of weather. So they were expecting to kickstart the series this summer.

American Horror Story' Season 10
Source: Hollywood Reporter

There are many portions of the series which was expected to be filmed in a particular climate type, and now they have to wait. This has raised the dilemma in the minds of the producers and other members of the cast.

One of the biggest dilemmas for producers is to ascertain if the series will wait or they should move with the next season. And this will take some time as there have to be deliberations on such a big step.

This is one of the prominent reasons for the delay in airing the tenth season until 2021. This seems to have faced the brunt of this pandemic. Ryan Murphy also happens to be pretty excited about the spinoff series which FX has planned. The spinoff series is expected to air from next season, and this is the reason why people don’t want to miss the tenth season.

The spinoff series is named American Horror Stories, and fans have been anticipating a lot for the upcoming series. The series will premiere next year, and Ryan Murphy seems to be excited about the upcoming spinoff. It will be a weekly anthology series that is going to have a unique presentation.

Other Updates To know.

The series will come weekly with different horror stories, so this will not follow a single strand, and it will be more vibrant. Although much detail hasn’t surfaced on the internet and producers are planning to keep the series discreet. Multiple storylines and speculations are doing the rounds on the internet, but we won’t be focussing on that and will restrict official announcements.

There have been fewer instances where this kind of series is about to be released, and people don’t have much whereabouts the series. So this is something which is keeping the fans excited. The American Horror Story is delayed, but this is satisfying news for the fans who were waiting for the series, but now they have to wait until 2021. The new series is expected to bring a substantial change, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out with this series, for more details, keep visiting the page.

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