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One Punch Man: Is The Anime Series Renewed For Season 3? When Will It Release?

One Punch Man is a very famous anime series around the globe. It is inspired by the Japenese manga series of the same name. Shingo Natsume directed, and Tomohiro Suzuki penned the anime series. It debuted in Japan back in 2015 and received praise from both critics and audiences for the animation quality, creativity, and the story. After the success of season 1, another season premiered in 2019.

Now, after the second season, fans are waiting for season 3; they are wondering, will it renew for season 3, and when will it release?

Renewal Status Of One Punch Man Season 3

Unfortunately, the anime series One Punch Man is not renewed officially for season 3.  But dont worry, season 3 will happen in the future because the previous season left a cliffhanger and already set up a story for it. Fans are also asking for the new season, and this show, as we already know, is top-rated, so we dont need to say goodbye to the show early.

Also, the work on season 3 is started despite the show dont get official confirmation. Earlier, One Punch Man’s twitter account gave some hints for the third season that the creators are planning and even started working on it.

Release Date Of One Punch Man Season 3

Maybe fans have to wait for the new episodes for a long time. There is one problem which is the main cause of the delay of confirmation, which is a lack of content. Creators are collecting all the material as they take inspiration from the manga books so that it will take more time now.

Also, season 2 took some years to release after season 1. So, it is possible that the third season will take a long time to appear.

Trailer For One Punch Man Season 3

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for the third season. While waiting for it, you can watch the official trailer for season 2:

Other Details For One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man is the story of Saitama, a superhero who is tired of being powerful as all of his fights ended in just a single punch.

In season 3, we can assume that the Heroes Association will start the attack on their enemies, with all the S-Class heroes infiltrating their hideout and engagement in one-on-one fights. The new season will be loaded with action and various epic fight sequences.

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