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PS5 New Console Images Out! The Miles Morales Edition

The new PS5 console has such an appealing look that any fan will go crazy with the first look itself. The all-new PS5 has a fantastic dominant white color with black sidelines. The look is augmented with blue lights, and this is going to be the best console ever released by PS5.

Sony has released the new console.

Sony has released the new console when Microsoft is all set to release the new Xbox Series X by the end of 2020. The rivalry is old, and customers are all set to explore these options before going for an upgrade.

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The new console has been released, but apart from the first look, other details are still oblivious. This is something which people were expecting to know, but apart from the first look, additional details are yet to be announced. The whole program was around an hour-long, and game videos were showed, but the product review is mixed.

Anyway, this wasn’t a product review per se; instead, it was more of the first look review. People were expecting more details on the new PS5 console, but as of now, Sony hasn’t come up with many features, and it can be directly linked with their competitors who will be launching their product by the end of this year.

The total number of games In PS5

The total number of games crossed two dozen, and this is an exciting thing. Fans were expecting other details too, but they end up watching more range of games they will be getting in the all-new PS5. One of the eye-catching events was the launch of two much-awaited games, Gran Turismo 7 and Capcom’s zombie horror game Resident Evil 8. These two games are going to be the game-changer for the PS5.

Although the exclusivity of games is not known. It has been a while since the PS4 was launched seven years back. One of the key changes is reducing the load time which gamers were expecting from a while, and finally, Sony did this. They have given the option of the customized hard drive, which is going to reduce the load time considerably.

this time gamers won’t be getting 1080p resolution

As far as the display is considered, even this time, players won’t be getting 1080p resolution. Although some technical changes are widely applauded by gamers. The new controller is way more adaptive and responsive than the old ones, and this is something that seriously affected the gameplay.

But finally, with this change, they are going to bring a sense of comfort to the gamers. The other factor which we have already discussed is the fast loading, which has been introduced with the customized hard drive. The last PS did excellent business and sold more units in comparison to Xbox.

This time too, we are expecting a stiff competition among the most prominent players in the gaming console market. This time around, fans are waiting for the release of the products, and then they can choose to go with one of them.

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