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13 Reasons Why: Brandon Flynn Spills Beans On Justin’s Death

The series, which was widely praised for the extra mile it walked to showcase the issues with the contemporary youth, has received criticism over the death of a character in the series. There have been various posts on social media where Justin’s death was discussed, and fans were disappointed with the set of events in the final season of 13 Reasons Why.

The series is indeed the best in its segment, and fans truly loved the series. There have been several instances where the series has faced backlash, but this time, the fans are disappointed over the way Justin’s death has been portrayed.

The season set its premise around death.

The season set its premise around death, and it was made evident right from the first scene where a funeral was shown. Nobody could have possibly thought that Justin will be the one who will be dying. Justin died even before completing high school, and it was part of the plot.

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This is not something that has outraged the fans rather the way his death was portrayed. He was diagnosed as HIV positive when he fell while dancing with his girlfriend. In these times, HIV-AIDS is deeply stigmatized, and it would have been an excellent opportunity for the producers to show that there is a treatment for those who are diagnosed in early stages.

The slow and painful death failed in sending the message it has always done. The series was appreciated by critics because the series happens to be busting the stereotypes.

The words of Brandon Flynn on Justin’s death

At the beginning of the final season, even the cast didn’t have any clue about Justin’s death. The only thing they knew at the beginning was that the series would have a funeral scene at the beginning.

It was only over a dinner that Brandon came to know about the death of Justin. Brandon and Brian went to dinner, and it was at that point when Brandon came to know about Justin’s death. Earlier Brian has justified Justin’s presence and outrightly rejected Justin’s death. Brian has said earlier that it will be illogical to take the life of a character that is evolving into a better version of himself.

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It’s an uphill task to dramatize a death that is slow and painful. There has to be an ultimate control over emotion, and it’s not an easy task to strike the perfect balance. This is something that made him work hard as he read books and watched movies to incorporate perfect emotions. He felt that Justin’s character was portrayed in the best possible way as there were ample scenes where dying scenes were portrayed with high precision. A perfect blend of emotion was present, which is necessary for the fans.

He even talked about the audience’s response as fans were expecting something different. The series has done a great job, but Justin’s death will keep haunting the fans, although his character saw a topsy-turvy path throughout the series.

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