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How to Add Watermark to PDF for Free

The communication between people is getting more and more frequent and in more ways. For musicians and artists, they would like to share their ideas through paintings and artworks; for photographers, the expressions can be conveyed via a photo; for businessmen, writers, or students, they can contain the articles, words, ideas, etc. in a document like PDF, for sharing. It is good to share ideas, but if you are going to share a file online, I recommend you to add a watermark at first.  

Why You Should Add A Watermark?

There are several reasons why people need to add a watermark before sharing a file like a PDF document to others.

  1. To claim your ownership of the file – you are the original author.
  2. To prevent others from stealing your works to be their ones.
  3. To improve your reputation through some excellent works.

People have different purposes for why they need to add watermark. But once you need to do it, how?

How to Add Watermark to PDF File?

It is easy to add a watermark to a photo or a video. You only need to use a simple photo/video editor for editing. So does the PDF file. To add watermark to PDF, you can use a professional free tool, Add Watermark, provided by EasePDF.

EasePDF is an online platform that provides all kinds of PDF solutions to users for free. From PDF splitting, merging tools, to PDF conversion tools, when you need to edit your PDF files, you can always find a way out on EasePDF. All the tools provided on EasePDF are free, and they are all safe to use.

To add watermark to PDF file, you can use EasePDF Add Watermark tool. 

Step 1. Go to the Add Watermark tool on EasePDF. 

Step 2. Hit the Add File(s) button, then you can select the PDF file which you want to add watermark to from your computer. You can also drop the file from the desktop to the interface of the Add Watermark tool directly. Last but not least, you can upload PDF from Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive.

Step 3. You can choose to add text watermark or image watermark to the PDF file. Hit the A icon for entering the text you need to add as a watermark to the file. You can edit the text using the tools provided by EasePDF. Or you can hit the Image icon to select an image from your computer for adding to PDF file as a watermark. Also, you can edit the image watermark using the tools there. Whats more, select the pages and you can choose to show the watermark on them as you want.

Step 4. After editing the watermark, only by hitting the Save button, EasePDF will save the changes for you. Finally, after EasePDF uploaded the file successfully, just hit Download and you can get the PDF file with watermark. By saving the URL of this result page, you can come back to download the file within 24 hours.

Advantages of EasePDF

All the tools in EasePDF are free to use. But actually, there are many options to deal with PDF files on the Internet. But still, EasePDF wins in many aspects. Some advantages of EasePDF include the following ones.

  • EasePDF is free to use, and you dont need to register to use it.
  • You can find almost all PDF solutions on EasePDF. So you only need this platform and you can solve all PDF problems.
  • EasePDF is simple enough for everyone to use.
  • EasePDF will protect your files with safe file encryption.
  • All of the files you uploaded to EasePDF will be deleted in time.


Adding a watermark to your PDF file is not a big deal with the help of the EasePDF Add Watermark tool. It is simple to use, and also allows you to edit the watermark to be personalized. You can try it if you are also finding a tool to add watermark!

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