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Itaewon Class: Will You Have A Season 2? Here’s What We Know

Netflix is now coming up with many brilliant Korean drama series which are getting love from the audiences around the globe. This year, Netflix released another K-Drama series titled Itaewon Class. It is inspired by the webtoon of Gwang Jin of the identical name, and Kim Do-soo developed it. Gwang Jin penned and Kim Sung-yoon directed the series. It features stars like Park Seo-joon, Yoo Jae-myung,
Kim Da-mi, and Kwon Nara in the main lead.

The series centered on a boy called Park Sae Ro Yi, who runs a restaurant in the place Itaewon. When Netflix released the series worldwide, it impressed the viewers and managed to create a vast fan base. Now the fans want more episodes for the k-drama. So keep reading to know everything regarding Itaewon Class Season 2:

Will We Get A Season 2 Of Itaewon Class?

So, the K-drama series is not renewed for the second season till now. Showbox didn’t share any details for the potential season 2. But we will receive a new season definitely in the future. It has earned acclaim for the acting, story, and direction.

Itaewon Class

So everyone is expecting that they will get the second season of Itaewon Class. If any new update appears, we will notify you.

What’s The Premiere Date Of Season 2 Of Itaewon Class?

It is tough to tell a specific date because the series not revived for the new season. Also, the Korean entertainment industry is also suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak. The shooting of various Korean shows and films is also suspended.

So if Itaewon Class gets the renewal, then the production will maybe take a long time to happen. As per the sources, the new episodes will appear nearly late 2021.

Other Significant Details 

If the second season happens, then these stars will surely come back in it: Park Seo-Joon as Park Sae-ro-Yi, Kim Dong-hee as Jang Geun-soo, Ryu Kyung-soo as Choi Seung-Kwon, Kim Da-mi as Jo Yi-seo, Kwon Nara as Oh Soo-ah, Yoo Jae-Myung as Jang Dae-hee, Kim Yeo-jin as Jo Jeong-min.

Sadly, there are no plot details for season 2, as the creators did not disclose anything about it.

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