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Wolverine: 5 TV Actors Who Can Fabulously Play The Part

It will be an uphill task for any actor to fill in the shoes of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. The character of Wolverine is inscribed in our minds the way Hugh Jackman has crafted it. Needless to say that Wolverine is one of the most liked and applauded characters to have ever appeared on the screens.

Few actors could have played the role of Wolverine, and they might have made the character as lively as Hugh Jackman did. With time Hugh Jackman has said goodbye to the beloved character of Wolverine. Now the real quest begins for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to search a new face for the X-men.

Why Wolverine isn't in X-Men: Dark Phoenix
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It will be interesting to see whom the MCU wants to place in the role of Wolverine in the upcoming X-men movies. This will be a cumbersome task for the producers and casting team to search and cast another actor of equivalent acting skill and persona.

The list of actors who can replace Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine

Joe Manganiello

The actor has been spectacular in True Blood, and he has the potential to fit in the role of Wolverine. Although there are younger actors too in the fray, he is still one of the best actors to play a subtle and yet aggressive role. If he is the one with which the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants to go, then it will be a feat for sure.

Garrett Hedlund

Though the actor has done tremendous work in On the Road and Inside Llewyn Davis, he is also a possible choice for the MCU to cast him in the role of Wolverine. Though he has played roles where he has done fresh and charming roles, but the fans get hooked on his expressions. He is a dark horse, and it may come as a surprise to the fans to see him with the deadly claws.

Luke Evans

He is one of the best choices in the pool of actors we may have been looking up to play the character of Wolverine. He has proved his credentials in Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7, where he was outstanding. He is one of those actors who couldn’t shoot up due to a lack of timely placing. This can be an opportunity for him to outshine others and grab the day.

Jai Courtney

The actor is going to be a great choice for the role of a wolverine. He has played a brilliant role in “Suicide Squad.” Since then, fans have been waiting for seeing a more intense version of him and what better could be than the character of Wolverine.

Taron Egerton

The actor has proved his exceptional skills in “Rocketmen,” and he will ace any role where being subtle is a prime quality in demand. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans if they see him in the role of Wolverine.

Once the details are out, we will update the page with relevant details.

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