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13 Reasons Why: The Real Reason Behind Hannah Baker’s Absence

One of the best teen drama to have aired on TV has concluded with the fourth season, and fans have lots of questions in their head. The season ended on a tragic note with Justin dying from HIV-AIDS. The series has achieved great reviews from fans and critics for exploring the uncharted territories of a youth’s life.

The series has extensively focused on the problems circumventing a youth and the taboos that follow. This is something that has made transcend boundaries and has a global fanbase. One of the most liked characters of the series was Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford. Although she died in the mid of series fans, have been waiting for her the whole time.

Why Hannah Baker wasn’t seen in the final season of 13 Reasons Why?

Fans were expecting to see Hannah Baker for one last time, and they did get a glimpse of her. But there is another side to the story, and we will elaborate on this. She appeared in Clay’s dream when she was seen walking towards him in the gym. This happened when graduation was over.

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So the moot question revolves around the fact if she came or not? Well, there is a twist over here, and things aren’t as simple as they appear to be. There were visual effects in place which were used to bring her back for the one last time. This was evident from the fact that she was wearing the same clothes as she wore in one of the episodes.

What Katherine Langford revealed

Katherine Langford revealed this and also stated the reason behind her absence in the latest episode too. The main reason for her absence was related to her new series, “Cursed.” She is busy working for the series so that she couldn’t come for one last time. She also said that she hadn’t watched the third or fourth season.

She is on the verge of completing the third season, and now she will be watching the fourth season too. The series concluded with the fourth episode, but some fans were waiting for the renewal of the series. Fans were in the mood to see more of the series as the season simply ended with their graduation.

she wasn’t a part of the finale season

Although she wasn’t a part of the finale season, she was well aware of the fact that the series will use an effect to showcase her for one last time. The set ended with the fourth season, but there were some apprehensions regarding the end of the series, and this is related to the end of the series.

The series has never failed to address a taboo, but in the last season, Justin’s death did upset some fans. They think there could have been a possibility of saving him as nowadays AIDS is curable if detected earlier. So this was something which has disappointed some fans as AIDS is an overly stereotyped disease. On the whole, the series remains one of the most insightful of most of the youth-oriented series.

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