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‘Cobra Kai: Season 3’ Netflix Acquires Rights As YouTube No Longer To Produce The Karate Kid Spin-Off

Finally, the much-awaited ‘Cobra Kai’ is all set to shift the gears, and now the realm is in the hands of the giant. Yup, Netflix has acquired the rights of ‘Cobra Kai,’ and there is nothing more we can expect at this point. The series is going to get a new life with it’s transferred from YouTube premium to Netflix.

This is something that is going to give the much-needed impetus to the series by providing him with a much larger fanbase. The series was somehow limited in its reach as YouTube premium is yet to build a fanbase, which can be compared with giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is something that is going to give a much-needed upthrust to the series. We can expect more number of seasons.

Know About The Series

The karate kid spinoff series has two seasons, and now Netflix users can see the last two seasons along with the third season of ‘Cobra Kai.’ The third season is already filmed, and fans can expect the third season of ‘Cobra Kai’ this year on Netflix.

Cobra Kai Season 3
Source: The Buzz Paper

The first two seasons were good, but the limited outreach of the YouTube premium is now replaced with a comparatively large subscriber base of Netflix. The series is inspired by the 1984 movie ‘Karate Kid,’ and the series has cast Ralph Macchio and William Zabka to keep the essence of the movie intact even in the series.

What’s The Story leaks For It

Although the series switched platform, the storyline was fantastic, which finally took them to Emmy nominations, and this was an excellent feat for a new player in the market. The series premised on the same ground as that of the movie. They haven’t tweaked the storyline and instead went on to continue with the existing storyline, which is the pivot around Ralph Macchio and William Zabka’s rivalry.

The prop on which the storyline has moved is kept the same to give a sense of connection to the fans. The fans might have felt a sense of being lost in the storyline. Still, the producers took care of it. They premised the story on ‘Karate Kid’ movie of 1984, although some quintessential changes have made to keep it sensible to the contemporary audience. It is something that was important, and they took care of it without altering the essence of ‘Karate Kid.’

When Will It Release

The series was released in 2018 as the YouTube premium has entered the arena of original series. And needless to say, it did an excellent job by picking up ‘Karate Kid.’ The series is going to flourish even more on Netflix, and we are hoping that the Netflix audience will also appreciate and cherish the work.

The release date on Netflix is yet to announced, and we don’t have the details on that as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of series. But the third season is already filmed, and most of the work seems to completed so we can expect the series to air in 2020 itself.

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