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13 Reasons Why: What Happened To Clay Jensen At The End

13 Reasons Why is still one of the most intriguing youth-oriented series which is premised on the troubles of youth. In a contemporary fast-paced life, humanitarian elements have degraded somehow, and people aren’t free to talk at the risk of being stereotyped.

The series has done exemplary work by showcasing the reality of these times and the consequences of facing taboos prevalent in our societies. This is something that sets the tone of it, which begins with the suicide of Hannah Baker, a young high school student.

Clay Jensen is the lead character of the series.

Clay Jensen is the lead character of the series and has been in the front since the inception of the series. At the beginning of the series, he acted as an earnest guy, but eventually, his stature grew in the series. He started rising in the series, and he was the lead guy in the group. He was the ultimate panacea to all the troubles his friends faced.

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The last season of the series was unexpected, and Justin’s death was questioned by fans. Fans were of the point of view that he could have been saved, and his demise didn’t go well with the fans. So the last season did spark controversy, as the stereotype around HIV-AIDS could have been dealt in a better way than it did.

What happened to Clay in the last season of 13 Reasons Why?

Lately, Clay has suffered a lot, and the death of his friends has taken him by the nerve. He hasn’t talked about it, and there was nothing he could have possibly done to face the contradictions of his mind. He lived in denial for a while but subsequently realized that suppressing these emotions won’t help.

So he started seeing a psychiatrist, and he went on to hide his real feelings. So, in a nutshell, even psychiatric help wasn’t worth it, and this seems to prolong his mental problem. In the course of the final season, episodes after the episode, he went to the psychiatrist and tried to open up, but there were things he couldn’t have possibly said.

About The Final Season

Anyway, he reached the breaking point and started opening up about his miserable state of mind. But there was something which was missing in the storyline, and the audience was unable to decipher how the therapy went on or the nitty-gritty of his mental health. It was more about his problems and less about the solutions he got.

The final season hasn’t shown how things worked for him and other details on the psychiatric help he was getting. The only thing fans noticed was his recognition of the actual problem. The series ended with Clay still taking help regarding his mental condition. He went to college, and the story implied that he would be taking further help from the psychiatrist to open up more. It would have been great to see his complete recovery, but the series missed on this, and it was left open for the fans.

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