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Scrubs: Hulu Removes Episodes Featuring Blackface

Hulu has axed the episodes of the popular comedy Scrubs that featured racially insensitive and featured Blackface. Three episodes featured some of the show’s characters in Blackface. Scrubs is an American medical comedy-drama series that revolves around a group of medical students at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show ran for nine seasons and was first premiered in 2010. The show was broadcasted on NBC and later ABC.

Scrubs ended on March 17, 2010. The show had switched to ABC for its last two seasons.

The move was taken in response to the requests made from the show’s producer and ABC studios for doing so. The three episodes season 3’s “My Friend the Doctor” and season 5’s “My Jiggly Ball” and “ My Chopped Liver” have been axed. The creator of the medical comedy series is Lawrence. According to Lawrence, they are trying to remove the offensive episodes of Scrubs since at least yesterday.

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In one of the episodes of Scrubs, Zach Braff’s character J.D., wore Blackface at a party. Sarah Chalke’s character Elliot wore Blackface in a fantasy scene in another one. Two days before, many episodes of “30 Rock” were also removed for the same reason. Scrubs had been a huge hit among its fans, but due to the protest for Black Lives Matter across the world, multiple shows are reviewing their contents to check them for racial sensitivity.

Tina Fey requested to remove four episodes of her show 30 Rock from streaming and syndication services. 30 Rock started in the year 2006 and ended in 2013. The series has won multiple awards that include 10 Primetime Emmys. The episodes were removed from Amazon Prime and Hulu. HBO Max has decided to remove Gone with The Wind temporarily. UKTV show has also decided to do something the same with an episode of Fawlty Towers.

Cast Of Scrubs

The show stars Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes, Eliza Coupe, Kerry Bishe, Michael Mosley and Dave Franco.

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