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Nigerian Teens Recreated Trailer of Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’

Nigerian teens recreated a trailer of Chris Hemsworth starrer that is Extraction. This trailer is hitting on the internet, and millions of people are watching it. This trailer becomes viral, and a large number of people are viewing it. These Nigerian boys recreate the trailer so perfectly that no one can find out the errors.

Low Budget trailer

These boys recreate this trailer in a very low budget, and the original makers of the trailer also applauded the recreated trailer.

The Nigerian boys describe themselves as the favorite mimickers of Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction. These boys recreated the trailer with the help of the household items. They use the household items in each scene. These boys are so well crafted and used each household item in the scene. All the household items are used entirely in every stage. A vast number of unique methods and strategies are used in the scenes. The boys use a toy car to shoot an epic chase by using an empty can of cold drink.

Hemsworth praised the efforts of young Filmmakers.

Hemsworth shared this video on Instagram, and up till now, it had more than 6 million views in less than seven hours. Hemsworth praised their efforts very much and even share the trailer on the Instagram and write below the video ‘Huge shout out to these amazing young filmmakers @ikorodu_bois for recreating @extraction trailer shot for shot! He further added that ‘I think your version of the video is better than the original one.

Hemsworth, the actor, was not the only one who was surprised by the work of Nigerian Boys, but Netflix also shared their video and wrote on Twitter about the video ‘most epic’ one.

Producer of film invite young filmmakers to premiere

The producer of the film, the Russo Brothers, also promises the boys (the young filmmakers) to invite on the premiere of the film. Ton this invitation, the young filmmakers said that their dream would come true if they attend the film premiere.

Various people on social media post that the young filmmakers deserve some reward and recognition.

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