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The Outsider 2: What You Should Know Know About Sequel Season

Amongst the new shows that have made their way in HBO in the recent few months, The Outsider has managed to gain overwhelming response fans from fans. Not only that, but keeping the numbers in mind, the show has earned a huge rating, and it was last seen when Westworld released on HBO!

Is HBO Hit Show The Outsider Going To Come Back For Season 2?

With such a great response from the fans, we wonder whether a second season is on the table or not? However, showrunner Richard Price has revealed that he has already started working on the second season story. So, despite the obvious end to the story, is HBO interested in unveiling the chapter once more?

The Story Pretty Much Ended With The First Season Itself!

While the story pretty much seemed to reach a conclusion as per the original story, the end did leave behind some loose threads and twists that might make way for a second season as well. There has been some considerable speculation around the death of the Outsider, is it real? Or not?

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Moreover, while the first season ended on a note that gives a rather deserving conclusion and also an ending in grief for the parents, the post-credit scene may have left behind a huge question. The scene shows Holly looking into the mirror and sees Jack Hoskins. While the vision fades away, we can assume that Holly’s trauma might be coming back to haunt her.

The Showrunner Revealed That He Is Working On A Second Season Already!

However, some fans assume that some season might not happen after all as it might diminish the authenticity of the story itself, we might also want to know whether Holly would look further into all the unveiled evils this time or not. While the season is not renewed yet, HBO might surprise fans with a surprise renewal. While the showrunner has eased the strong possibility of the show returning, we wonder will the network agree on it or not? We might get to know after they make any official announcement regarding this.

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