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Francis Ford Coppola Denies Abuse Claims By Winona Ryder

A recent set of events centered around Francis Ford Coppola and Winona Ryder had erupted a new controversy when she accused the Director of abusing her on the set of 1992 film, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She has blamed the legendary Director Francis Ford Coppola and members of the cast for abusing her.

About The Controversy

The controversy is centralized around a scene where Winona Ryder had to cry for a view and to make her do that, and the Director told the male co-stars to verbally abuse her. She said this in a recent interview with The Sunday Times. This is something that is not acceptable if found true, but Francis Ford Coppola outrightly rejected her claims.

Francis Ford Coppola denies claims that he directed male actors to ...
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This is a big accusation on the 81-year-old Director as he is respected across the globe for his cinematic skills. He said in an interview with People that he hasn’t said anything like that as he has been in the sector for a long while and he hasn’t done or said anything obnoxious to her or for that matter any actor. He went on to explain the situation and stated the set of events that happened that day.

Other Major Updates

This is something which is going to make things less cloudy for fans and admirer. He said that he told Gary Oldman, who played the role of Dracula, to improvise something in her ear. He also instructed Gary to say something in a devil tone to make things more real. He said that he wasn’t sure what was said then, but improvisation is not unheard. Actors do rely on improvisation to make things more real, and this is what has been done that day.

Although Ryder’s side of the story is a bit different and she still stood by her remarks. As per Winona Ryder’s representative, she was whispered terrible things that were meant to make her cry. The representative even said that the technique didn’t work for her. She respects the Director and has been a great admirer, but she shared something which she has been trying to say.

She even said that her co-actors didn’t say anything, and she was astonished as this was not the way to make someone cry for a scene. So she stood by her claim that she didn’t cry and also explained that Keanu and Anthony hadn’t said anything. So this is something that has created the controversy.

But she also told that there is no rift between her and Francis Ford Coppola. They have been on good terms since then, and there is no animosity between them. She also said that Keanu and Ryder became good friends, and they are still maintaining the friendship. Controversies like this happen all the time, but it’s good to know that this accusation hasn’t taken an ugly turn. Even Coppola is an admirer of Ryder’s work, and this brings the end of the exchange of words. For more updates, keep visiting the page.

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