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HBO’s I’ll Be Gone In Dark: Complete Review! To Stream Or Not To Stream

If you are up for some deep mind reading games and watch some dark stuff, then you have a thumbs up to go ahead with the article. There is a lot that happens in the outer world, and then we have things happening in the inner universe of our brain. The former is visible, and possible course of action-reaction can be comprehended, but the later where the internal universe comes into play, it grows darker, and there is no end to it.

I’ll Be Gone In Dark.

The six-episode documentary series covers the darkest secrets of mankind, and it is done by pivoting it on one character. The series has an intriguing premise, and it is set to take you to the dark world of reality prevailing around us. Everything appears back, and the only light you can see comes from the satan.

Review: HBO's 'I'll Be Gone in the Dark' shines as tale of two ...
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The series showcases Michelle McNamara, who suddenly died on 21st April 2016 while writing her book, “I will be gone in Dark.” Although she wasn’t able to complete the book as she died of multiple medications. She has worked extensively in chasing a case that has made headlines, which she called “Golden State Killer.”

What’s The Storyline

She has done extensive research on the serial murderer and the mentality which led him to commit such a heinous act against society. Any crime which shakes the conscience of a fellow human being can’t be categorized as the crime itself, and it is regarded as the crime against society in general.

Her death meant an end to the book, but her husband and comedian Patton Oswalt did something truly incredible to complete the book, of which the last two chapters weren’t written due to her death. He took help from crime writer Billy Jensen and Paul Haynes to complete the book for her, and they did an exemplary work by completing the book with utmost clarity. As far as the series is concerned, one shouldn’t miss on the work of Michelle McNamara, who did extensive research, and it was reflected in the series too.

The police reports, coupled with interviews, set an intriguing premise for the series. The series begins with the making of a monster who had no regard for humans or, for that matter, anything concerning humanity. The killer had a terrible pattern for murders, and after labeled as East Area Rapist, he further went to the coast to commit even more heinous crimes.

His insane liking for killing and rape has made him into a monster who hasn’t had an iota of humanity left inside him. He commits 50 rapes and ten murders. This is something that barely makes him qualified to be called human. The series has done exemplary work by exploring the author’s state of mind, which makes it a great documentary series. Her relationship with Oswalt has been showing in the series, and it is a depiction of mental stress she has to undergo while chasing these cases.

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