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Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2: When It Will Make Its Netflix Return

With K- drama gaining quite a fanbase over the years with a growing fascination for complicated yet dramatic the plotline, fans just couldn’t get over the story and not forget the interesting character that keeps us entertained all throughout. Let us take a look at one such popular K-drama and when is it returning on the screen!

When Is K- Drama Legend Of The Blue Sea Gettig Renewed For Season 2?

The popular K- drama Legend of the Blue Sea made its debut in 2016 and went on for one year until the first season ended in 2017. The story revolves around two parallel storylines that center around a human and a beautiful mermaid.

Is The Show Shelved For The Time Being? Here’s What We Know.

However, after the first season ended on a pretty dramatic ending with a few cliffhangers left behind. There’s still no word on the second season renewal. While it’s been too long since the first season ended and fans are still looking forward to the second chapter of the story. With a wait of almost two years, fans are a bit worried about the show’s future that might be looking bleak at this point in time to be honest. Is the show returning or not?

There were some wrong rumors of the project being shelved for the time being, despite the storyline and excellent cast members garnering a huge response from fans due to the human- mermaid romance historical tale, fans want to see what next in store for the two after they were united.

The Second Season Has Still Not Been Renewed After A Long Wait Itself.

While K- Dramas are known to take some sweet time before coming back with yet another season, fans are pretty sure that the star crossed lovers will be back in no time with a brand new season. Till then you all can binge-watch the first season and experience the love story like never before. We surely are waiting for the second chapter to come forward soon enough. With the end of the first season, all we are looking forward to is the arrival of the second installment itself.

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