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Lucifer Season 6: Are We Getting The Next Season For This Thriller Series

Lucifer is an American Supernatural Fantasy TV series, which is created by Tom Kapinos. The four seasons of this series are already streaming on Netflix. While declaring the 5th season of Lucifer, it was announced that it is going to be the last season of the series. Even the creators also said that they would end the series with the 5th season, which is split into two parts 5A and 5B. But now it’s been reported that the star Tom Ellis has again signed a deal with Netflix and a sixth season is confirmed.

Netflix Confirmed About Lucifer Season 6

Earlier it was announced that Season 5 might be the conclusion of the series. But, not so quick, as Netflix has again changed its mind and verified that the series would return for season 6 in the future.

Season 6 is going to be the conclusion of the series. But, that shouldn’t be a huge deal, as by looking at how the show has had the last two seasons already.

Official Twitter Announcement

So, according to the official twitter account of the Lucifer, the 6th season is on its way and is announced as the last season of the series. The 5th season was initially declared as the final season, but earlier this year, Tom Ellis has been again signed for a new and final season of the series.

Release Date

Season 5 will be a split of 16 episodes into Season 5A and 5B. The season 5A is arriving in just a couple of months, on 21st August. While the season 5B is not declared with a release date, but still, there is no news about the starting date of production of season 6, but the good news is that we know it will be definitely on its way.


It wouldn’t be the show without our handsome Tom Ellis. He will keep doing the job as he is doing. As per the sources, the cast of Lucifer season 6 would be – Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann-Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Inbar Lavi, Dennis Haysbert.

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