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You: Season 3’ 5 Things Every Fan Should Know

The story of Season 3 of’ You’ revolves around a man who is a sociopath named Joe Goldberg. He left his fans shocked and surprised because of his turns and twits he gets into. The behavior of Joe is very erratic, and it is highlighted in the show that helps in luring the audience to watch the series as the seasons are preceding further.

5 Things Every Fan Should Know:

Traveled to LA

The first thing is that Joe is traveled to LA with a new identity and plot, and he is genuinely in Love with a girl and very much obsessed with her. There is no doubt that the girl is gorgeous, that makes him crazy, and he is ma after her. As the series moves forward, then he starts finding that Love is not what he is thinking earlier.

You Season 3
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No-one predicts the dates

The 2nd season of ‘You’ was aired 2019 December, and no one can predict the dates of season 3. It is confirmed that season 3 is coming, but when nobody knows about it. Season 3 will be including the same number of episodes as in season one and two, but as of now, there is no confirmation of any news. The pandemic might push the dates of the season 3.

Developing Love

The sociopath starts growing his Love towards a beautiful and innocent woman. When Joe met Love for the very first time, she looks very innocent, but in the finale of season 2, it was revealed that she was involved in the murder of Deliah and Candace. This is the point where Joe thinks that he met a crazy girl.

Love murdered au

Love also murdered the au pair as he sexually harassed her brother named forty when they all were kids.

Joe and Love’s happy family

It looks like Love and Joe make a happy family, but there will be more killings and murders for sure that will be going to happen in the show.

The previous season that is 1 and 2 was based on the novel authored by Caroline Kepnes, but season 3 is still not launched, and the audience is waiting for it and there is no clue about the show, when will it come and who are the cast members.

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