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Aquaman 2: Is Blake Lively Confirmed For Mera?

The second edition of Aquaman is going to make some substantial change, and the news is coming that Amber Heard will be replaced by Blake Lively. The real theory behind these speculation lies within a concept of art showcasing Blake Lively’s presence as Mera. This is going to make a substantial change if this happens, but as of now, the official confirmation is awaiting, and the mere speculation can’t be considered as fact.

How do these speculations start?

Amid the success of the first part of Aquaman, fans are eagerly waiting for the second season, and any news in this regard can become a sensation in a snap of a finger. This is something that has led to sudden fuelling of speculations which started on Instagram. There is a user @spdrmnkyxxiii who seems to be a big fan of the movie.

Aquaman 2: Fan Art Pits Blake Lively Against Emilia Clarke For ...
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He came with concept art of the character Mera, and the concept of art suddenly changed into Blake Lively. This is something that is going to make a substantial impact on the movie if this happens at all. So the concept of art is the main reason behind these speculations doing rounds on the internet.

Although one has to admit that the user has put some realtime effort to create such a masterpiece concept art, the concept art seems so appealing that Blake Lively appears to be the only choice for the role of Mera. Needless to say that Amber Heard did an incredible job by playing the role of Mera in Aquaman. But the new avenue has been opened by this Instagram post as the creative art unfolds a new option, and Blake Lively seems to be an excellent choice for the role.

Other Major Updates To Know

If we are talking about the potential artists who can be a fit in the role of Mera, then we have other names too. As far as the character of Mera is concerned, even Emilia Clarke is one of the best choices for the role. And she has all the qualities which make her a perfect match for the role of Mera.

One of the best things with Emilia is the fact that she and Jason Momoa were present in the game of thrones too. They did an incredible job over there, and she was one of the crucial elements of the series, Game of Thrones. This is something that makes her pitch durable for the role of Mera in the second edition of Aquaman.

Aquaman did an incredible job, and this is the reason why we are getting the second part too. The speculations have gained ground because Amber Heard may not be playing the role of Mera in the second edition of Aquaman. There are personal issues about her marital life with Pirates of Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. The legal issue between Amber and Johnny may restrict her role in the upcoming movie. If anything official comes to us in this regard, we will update the page with relevant details.

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