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Candyman: Universal Released The New Teaser Trailer For The Upcoming Horror Flick

After releasing the spooky clip through shadow puppets, universal released a completely new teaser of Candyman. When the BET award on Sunday is going, a 30-second clip has been displayed, and it features the Aquaman alum Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and others. As people are expecting from the upcoming horror flick about jump scares, bodies full of blood—these things you can watch on the teaser also.

The role of protagonist

Although Abdul-Mateen II will be playing the role of protagonist in the series, the previous star of Candyman Tony Todd has also revealed his appearance in the show for a short time, and he will be playing a small role in the show.

Incident shared by Tony.

Once Tony gets a phone call from Jordan Peele out of the blue and this incident shared by Tony to the audience during an interview at Nickel City Con at the beginning of this year. He said that we are still waiting for the project, but Jordan explained everything to me was praiseworthy and amazing. These are some of his words. He further added that whatever will be going to happen, Jordan will always take care of the originals.

Release date

The release date of Candyman is September 25th.  It hit the theatres in September.

The plot of candyman:

There is a housing project in the Cabrini Green of Chicago that is going on, and all the nearby residents know the terrorized story of a ghost. This story is spread like viral in the neighborhood residents. The story is all about the supernatural killer through the help of hook, and he holds this hook in hand, and that can be easily called by those and dare to repeat his name multiple times into a mirror.

After one decade of torn down the Cabrini Towers, an artist named Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his better half who is a director of art gallery Brianna Cartwright (Teyonah Parris) shifted to a luxurious flat in Cabrini.

After shifting in, Anthony tried to explore more art for his gallery and unleashed a shocking and terrifying tide of violence that attack him with full force.

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