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Dead To Me Season 3: Renewal Possibiliies And Expected Discharge Date

The two badass ladies are back in town with the second season of Dark comedy series Dead To Me! The two leading ladies of the series Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli came for another season, and the season surely shocked fans with all the twists and turns. Let us take a look at the possibilities of the third season.

Is Dark Comedy Series Dead To Me Returning For Season 3? Here’s What We Know.

After the second season ended with yet another set of cliffhangers, the showrunner Liz Feldman is also pretty hopeful for season three as well. Liz further expressed her love for the story of Jen and Judy and is looking forward to keeping on going forward with the story. The ladies ended up in yet another problem which the third season might pick up.

The Showrunner Is Hopeful For A Third Season As Well!

After a fiery collision with Ben both, the ladies landed themselves in yet another dangerous car accident. Now fans are keeping on guessing whether the whole accident was a deliberate one or a genuine accident. Moreover, the second season finale ended with Jen severely injured, and that leaves behind a big question mark about her well being.

Now that Jen’s son has ended up knowing more than he should have known, there’s a lot to look forward to in the third season. How will he react after knowing about all the murderous activities? Well, here’s what the third season should come around soon enough! Some new faces might join in from the third season onwards. It might be revealed with time.

How Will Jen Survive The Injuries At The End Of The Second Season Finale?

While the second season finale ended with yet another cliffhanger that made way for a third season, however, Netlfix is yet to renew the third season, so we might see the third season sometime around 2021! We need to keep a lookout at the latest going on yet another guilt-ridden trip yet again. We sure are excited to see what’s going to happen next in the lives of the two leading ladies.

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