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House Of Cards: Why The Show Won’t Remew For Season 7

The hit political thriller drama House Of Cards managed to gain a huge fan base for itself. The series got renewed for as many as six seasons. However, the show had to be wrapped up soon, and the sixth season was soon declared it be the final one. Let us take a look at all the closer details of the final wrap of the political drama.

House Of Cards Season 6 Is Announced To Be The Final Season! Have A Look.

Fans were a bit curious that what less to the sudden cancelation of the show and even how the show was wrapped up in a rather abrupt manner. While no exact reason was cited, it was mainly due to the huge controversy that the lead actor of the series had to face.

What Led To The Sudden Cancelation Of The Political Drama Series?

Kevin Spacey, who played the lead role in the series, was accused of the severe allegation of sexual assault of a minor. The show makers took some drastic measures, and Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood was soon killed off in the show. While the character was killed off, his death went on to create massive suspense until the end of the series finale! Take a look at the final story trailer as Claire is in power with Frank Underwood, nowhere to be seen.

After the show came to an end with some characters dying a painful death while some are coming out as the winning survivor, the show has been officially canceled, and sadly enough is not coming back for season 7! However, some of the lead characters did try to renew the show, but the makers thought it was the best decision to get it over with.

The Story Has Finally Come To An End After Six Seasons!

The political drama has finally come to an end with Frank Underwood’s death, and Claire Underwood’s rise to power also came to an abrupt end. For the time it is, it a final wrap until Netflix decides to revive the show in the future. We would surely love to see the power play shortly.

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