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The Flash Season 7: When It Will Likely Hitting The Platforms?

The Flash has been one of the most popular superhero series under the CW banner, now after six seasons, is the series going to be coming back for a seventh season as well? Let us take a closer look at the possibilities of a seventh season.

Flash Will Be Returning For Season 7! Here’s What We Know.

Fans will be happy to know that the seventh season is happening however it can be possible that it might be the final season as well. When asked to lead star Grant Gustin that whether the fastest superhero will stop running one fine day, he said that there might be a possibility.

Is The Seventh Season Going To Be The Final Season?

Justin further revealed that they all have signed the contract until seven seasons, does this mean that the seventh season is the last one? While it is still a bit difficult to predict what is going to happen in the seventh season after the sixth season ended on a rather unpredictable note. What is going to happen to Sue, well, we need to know that.

It is reported that one of the Justice League members might make a cameo in the future. We also saw that with the crossover being over, pretty much all the major characters survived. We would miss Barry who died at the end of the sixth season, although superheroes can return as well. With Sue being falsely framed for murder the seventh season will until a lot of loose threads left by the sixth season finale.

Is There Going To Be Any Surprise CrossOvers This Time As Well?

With CW renewing the series but fans have to wait a while as the production is withheld for the time being due to the global pandemic attack. While fans are assuming that the seventh season might be the last, we hope that’s not the situation after all! However, according to reports they are targeting to start filming in August in Vancouver. So, the seventh season might not air anytime before 2021. We sure are excited for the seventh season to arrive soon enough.

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