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The New Mutants: X-Men Spinoff Can Delay Again After Mulan Received A New Release Date

The new dates change its date of release once again. The Spinoff of X men has gone through a rocky road before appearing on to the big screen. The original show was set to be released in April 2018. Still, there were delays, the buyout of the Disney and Fox, and finally, when it is looked that it is coming, then the current coronavirus situation entirely blew the whole series.


A reporter said that they don’t expect this kind of delay in any shows that fans are seeing with this film.

Now again, the film is set to be released and announced its potential date, and it is still heading towards cinema, and various other projects are crossing the cinema and going straight to Disney+.

The new poster of the film is released now, and the film is all set to be released on August 28 this year.

New Mutants movie trailer adds horror to the X-Men universe - CNET
Source: Cnet

The New Mutants set to be released with 20th-century Studio label

Earlier, the film is set to be released with a 20th-century Studio label, not with the name of Walt Disney pictures that is nice as it was made and produced under Fox originally.

The screenwriter of the film Kante Lee defended the delays earlier, and she is saying that it will be worst if the release date set to close to one of the biggest superhero blockbusters. Further, she added that it would be perfect if the movie will hit the theatres alone when there is no superhero movie released. She revealed to the reporters of a magazine.

She further added that they are the first who feature the marvel horror film, and they are also featuring a relationship based on gay in this film. She said it does not matter that we are late, but we can beat everybody and every movie running in the theatres

┬áStar cast and director’s talk

The movie star Maisie Williams also talked about the movie’s bad reputation that gained a lot of popularity over the years, and the director of the movie director Josh Boone said that now things will go up only. This film will be a big film on the box office.

Release date

The movie New Mutants will be going to it the theatres on August 28 this year.

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