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American Gods Season 3: Current Scenario Of Production And Release

While drama series American Gods received some mixed signals over the last two seasons, fans are curious to know whether the series is going to head forward towards the third season or not? Well, we might have the answer to that, and fans would want to see all the details. Let us taken a closer look into the plotline and twists as revealed by Neil Gaiman himself!

Is American God Renewed For Season 3? Here’s What We Know.

While there was some speculation, the show has been renewed for season 3! Neil Gaiman is the genius behind the original work and also serving as the executive producer of the series as well is also thrilled to know about the third season renewal.

Executive Producer Neil Gaiman Has Made Some Big Revelation About Season 3! Have a Look.

Moreover, a new showrunner has been on board and Chic Eglee, who will be heading the show from now on. Furthermore, Gaiman has teased some plot hints of what can fan expect from the third season, he said that it won’t be only about Laura and Mad Sweeney, but it will also focus on Wednesday too!

Gaiman went on to explain the fact that Wednesday has a much more significant part to play in season three, as there will be a war with him very much being a part of it! The executive producer is also excited to have a new and experienced showrunner on board as well. He went on to explain that he needed someone who is not intimidated and is down for some creative work in hand.

Gaiman Has A New Showrunner On Board For Season3!

The third season as Gaiman revealed in an exclusive interview, will be tied to Laura’s journey and will be one of the engines that will drive the primary plot of their season. Fans can expect the familiar cast members are returning for the third season as well. We still don’t have a release date yet, but it is sure that it might be coming around soon enough. Well, with all the hits teased by Gaiman we are sure something huge is happening in season 3!

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