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Attack On Titan Season 4: When Will The Upcoming Season Release And What Will Be The Potential Story Of It?

Attack on Titan finally arrived at the main peak and gave its fans a final season of this animated series. It has lots of fierce fights in the show that makes the show very interesting. Generally, boys like these kinds of animated serious, but this series is so excited, even the girls and all age group people follow this series.  A fierce trailer of this series is out, and fans are going crazy after this trailer launched and waiting very curiously for the next season. In this trailer, a brand new Titan is also there that named the Jaw Titan.

About the show, Attack On Titan Season 4

This is the fourth and final series that the audience will be waiting for. In this series, the walls of Eldia will be taken the war with the outside world and convert into an entire region. Eren and other Researchers set their sights and want to find the actual and original enemy, and now they have to face the brand new Titan. These powers of Titan are majorly held by primary hosts.

Attack On titans
Source: Comic Book

Out of these new Titans, one Titan is running in the trailer for the last and fourth time, which is the Jaw Titan. It also includes a fearsome lion and a small version of Eren Titans. The other members of the research also battling so far with the enemy. But this is not the only power, and there are many more new powers in the series.

Dates of premiered of Attack On Titan Season 4

Each fan and the audience are expecting the 4th season to be out very soon, but nobody wants to continue it. This season will be having new directors Yūichirō Hayashi and Jun Shishido. They replaced the old ones, and old ones are Tetsurō Araki and Masashi Koizuka.

This season will be broadcast-ed By NHK, and it is going to be released in 2020 as the dates are not confirmed as of now because the work stopped due to pandemic case increases.

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