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Better Things Season 5: Latest Updates Regarding Potential Fifth Season

American comedy-drama series Better Things just finished the fourth full season, and with some loose threads left behind, fans are wondering that when will the network renew the series for a fifth season. Let us take a closer look at all the details of the possibilities of the fifth season.

Is Comedy Series Better Things Season 5 Happening Anytime Soon?

However, the chances of the fourth season happening look a bit uncertain. This can be a possibility as reportedly, the show’s ratings jas been dropping for the last two seasons. The series has been recently failing to draw in a good viewership rating for the FX network. This might make the network make some tough choices for the show.

The Co-Creator Has Made Some Revelations About Season 5!

Moreover, the co-creator, writer, director, and star of the series Pamela Adlon has revealed that she has no further plans to go ahead with the fifth season, given the current state of the whole world following the whole pandemic attack. She has further cleared the air by saying that they are not going on with season 5 until things get back to being normal.

While a lot has happened in the fourth season finale, the co-creator has assured fans that better things might be happening in the fifth season if renewed soon enough. Till then, she looks forward to the situation getting better enough so that they can work on the remaining story that was left behind in season 4. Now, the probability of another season, however, looks slim.

The Fifth Season Might Not Be Happening Anytime Soon!

With the makers not heading towards the fifth season and now it seems like the series is on a halt until things get better. So, all fans can do is binge watch the whole series and wait for the fifth season to be renewed soon enough. The showrunner sure is hopeful about season 5, and so are we! Till then, we can have a laugh or two by seeing the fourth season that was a thrilling ride for all the characters, and whatever is going on will leave you entertained for sure.

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