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Hunters Season 2: When Will The Sequel Hitting Screens?

Amazon’s newly released historical drama series Hunters has been managed to gain quite a fanbase. After the first season wrapped up after ten episodes, fans are curious to know whether a second season is happening anytime soon?

Will Amazon Renew Hunters For Season 2? Here’s What We Know.

While Amazon has not yet greenlit a second season yet, the story ended with a huge cliffhanger that might have teased the possibility of a second season happening! Moreover, the story did not reach it’s a complete arc and might be back for another season.

The First Season Ended With A Huge Cliffhanger!

The first season finale ended on a huge discovery made by Jonah and makes a life-changing decision that leaves more questions by the end. A potential storyline is left behind, which might be picked up by the second season. However, fans would miss Al Pacino, who might not be returning in the second season after how things ended for his character.

Moreover, fans saw that Joe was not only hit by a car but also kidnapped and taken to Argentina. This suspense was not the only one as even Hitler was seen to be very much alive along with his wife, Eva Braun. The cast members, including Kate Mulvany, Josh Radno, and Carol Kane, might return for a second season as well. There might also be some new faces joining from the second season onwards. That will be announced later with the renewal.

A Second Season Might Just Be Around The Corner!

With the story leaving behind an unfinished note with no clear conclusion drawn, fans are hopeful that Amazon will soon announce a second season that will connect all the missing dots of the show. With the show releasing quite a few months ago, the announcement might be made anytime sooner! While the show was not a huge hit as expected but the story was good enough for a multi-season run! We sure are hopeful for yet another season to see what’s next for the officials who are trying to escape and what will be Jonah’s decision that might be life -changing.

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