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Love Alarm: What Netflix Planned So Far For Season 2 Of K-Drama Series?

Netflix is also coming up with so many great K-Drama series, in the previous year, the streaming giant released romantic series titled Love Alarm. It is influenced by the Daum webtoon of Chon Kye-young of the identical name. Jiyoung Park developed the series for Studio Dragon. It features stars like Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram in the lead roles. The series tells the story of an app through which users can locate whether someone within the range of a 10-meter has feelings for them or not.

The series received appreciation from both critics and audiences for the unique story, acting, and direction. After binge-watching the season one, now the fans are wondering if season 2 is happening or not. So keep reading to catch all the significant information:

Renewal Status

The good news is the K-Drama series is renewed already for the second season. The officials didn’t take much time and decided to order more episodes of the romantic series after the huge success of it. Netflix made the official announcement and also shared a video in which cast members announced the new season, have a look:

Air Date

A specific date is still not revealed for the second season of Love Alarm. Netflix only confirmed earlier that it will land sometime in August 2020. The production is also reportedly not complete till now and we know the South Korean industry is also suffering due to coronavirus pandemic.

But right now there is no information on the delay of Love Alarm Season 2. At this tough moment, anything can happen, but there are higher chances that it will arrive this year.

Other Details

This is the star cast of Love Alarm Season 2: Kim So-Hyun as Jo-Jo, Song Kang Hwang Sun-oh, Jung Ga-ram is Lee Hee-young, Shin Seung-ho as Il-sik
Go Min-si as Park Gul-mi,  Z.Hera as Kim Jang-go, and Lee Jae-eung as Cheong Duk Gu.

In season 2, we will know about the choice of Jojo and what will occur between her, Sun-oh and Hye-Yeong. The new season will introduce the new app named Love Alarm 2.0. There are fewer details for the plot right now.

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