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Riverdale Star Shaded By Writers After He Said The Storyline Is Dissatisfactory

Riverdale has an incredible storyline, and the actors have been nothing short of fabulous. This is something that has led to some exchange of thoughts on a character’s death. The death of that character didn’t go well the person who played the role, but there is an explanation to it. There is a lot of fuss on social media, and fans have been talking about it lately. So this is something which we will be discussing along with the point of view of the concerned authorities.

So what’s the bone of contention in the storyline?

The series has an intriguing storyline loaded with adventure and thrilling scenes dominate all over the series, but this time something incredibly different happened in the series. The group of friends who are mostly indulged in adventurous stuff also go to school.

Riverdale" Writers Shade Guest Star Sam Witwer for Criticizing ...
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This whole thing is related to the school and the sudden turn of events associated with it. In a primary school near Riverdale, there was a teacher named Mr. Chipping, who used to teach Jughead. There is a completely astonishing thing related to the teacher. The series showed that teacher giving a lesson on creative writing.

Casting Update

In one of the classes, he approached Jughead and apologized for not making him understand what he was teaching, and suddenly out of the blue; he jumped out of the window. Now, this was something that nobody would have possibly anticipated, and there is nothing one can do about it. The cast and fans weren’t able to decipher what has happened to the character. So the whole thing remains oblivious to most of the people, including the actor who played the role of Mr. Chipping.

The actors have been playing their respective roles, but none of them was able to ascertain the intent behind killing a character like this. Although this isn’t something which hasn’t happened in the series and there are a plethora of instances where the characters have died out of blue.

Even Sam Witter, who played the role of Mr. Chipping, was astonished when he saw the script, but anyway, he went on to play the part. So these things have to get a response as there must be something going in the heads of creators and other members of the production team. So they thought of replying instead of keeping mum over confusion on the storyline.

What’s the response from the writers of Riverdale?

Their response could have been mild, but they didn’t go for it. Anyway, the reply was given in the form of a tweet. The tweet received positive and negative comments. The tweet was, “Mystery Solved: It’s because everyone wanted to PUSH you out the window, Sam.

Stay classy and safe.” Anyway, the series did an incredible job, and the fanbase is wide enough to showcase the popularity of the series. So it doesn’t matter, and we are hoping more seasons to come with a much more adventurous and chilling surprise.

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