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Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Expected Release Date After The Delay

The sci-fi series Star Trek: Discovery has been grabbing huge fanbase over the last two seasons, and fans got to reminisce about all the great moments from the iconic Star Trek franchise. However, the third season might be taking a bit too much time before releasing it.

Sci-Fi Series Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Taking More Time To Release Than Expected!

The highly anticipated third season was initially slated to air sometime around the mid of 2020. However, the third season has yet not arrived. The third season is special because more Star Trek.content is on its way with more iconic characters all set to make their appearance.

Some Iconic Characters Will Make An Appearance In Season 3! Have a Look.

Amongst these characters that will appear in the third season as well are reportedly going to be Ethan Peck, Anson Mount, and Rebecca Romijn. However, due to production being halt midway, the season has been delayed for a while, although the team is working hard while at home as well. Have a look at this image that editor Scott Gamzon posted on Twitter. The whole process is taking place without any stop to avoid further delay.

Moreover, the plot will be jumping into the realm of the 32nd century, which is an entirely new sector for the whole franchise. David Ajala is also onboard this time from the third season onwards. Now that the cast members are reportedly going to be transported almost 930 years into the future, there’s a lot to look forward to!

The Editing Process Is Taking Place From Home Itself!

Moreover, Wilson Cruz revealed in an Instagram video that all the editing and visual effects are being done from home, which has slower the whole process. While no official release date has been revealed yet, we can easily expect that it will take time and might release sometime around the end of this year itself. We need to wait for a while to see what’s next for the universe do Star Trek! We sure are pretty excited to find out what’s in store for them and for the fans as well.

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