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Virgin River Season 2: Why The Sequel Takes Too Long To Happen?

The hit drama series Virgin River has been able to win over hearts with the first season itself, and now fans are looking forward to the second season, which might be arriving soon enough, and we surely would love to know all the single details about it! Let us have a closer look at the details of season 2!

Is Romantic Drama Series Virgin River Returning For Season 2? Here’s What We Know.

The show, which is loosely based on the novels penned down by Robyn Carr, tells the heartfelt story of Mel Monroe, who leaves her last behind only to go to a remote town in California to start things all.over again. However, it is leaving you past so easy, well, not at least for Mel.

Mel Is In A Fix With Her Strainful Relationship!

Fans must be happy to know that the show has been successfully renewed for a second season, and there’s a lot going on in the second season. With the plot going forward, we also have some new actors on board this time as well. The second season is reportedly going to have ten episodes as well, and while we do not have an official release date, but the makers are planning to release it sometime around this year itself.

Moreover, actor Ben Hollingsworth who played the role of Dan Brady, has been upgraded to a series regular, which implies that he has a bigger role to play this time. With the first season ending on a rather dramatic road with Mel being all insecure about Charmaine being pregnant, which makes her own infertility an issue here. With Mel all packed to leave the town, we are sure there’s more for Mel.

Is Paige In Grave Danger After Whatever Happened To Her In Season 1 Finale?

Things are not only looking complicated for Mel only as the finale showed Paige might be in grave trouble and that even implies kidnapping. As we saw Paige’s abusive husband frantically looking for her and might have kidnapped her. We are surely in for a lot of twists and turns once the second season airs on Netflix.

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