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The Big Bang Theory: We Rank 5 Best Bazzinga Moments From The SitCom

The best series are giving you a blend of all the human emotions and qualities. The series showcases all the elements of human nature e.g., intellect, fun, sorrow, stupid, and the list goes on. The series has a fun fulcrum around which a load of all human experience is rotated.

This is something that makes the series truly remarkable in every aspect. The best moments of The Big Bang Theory is hard to categorize as there is barely a moment where you can hold your breath. Nah, not an iota of possibility. All the characters combined shows all the aspect of a single human.

So let’s dive into those moments of fun where you can bring back that smile on your face as you picture those moments in the back of your head.

Five funniest moments from The Big Bang Theory

  • The funniest moment came when they have to present a paper which they wrote together. Sheldon, out of his sheer arrogance, refuses to go to the conference. And then he suddenly shows up at the presentation when Leonard was doing it. This was a moment when Sheldon and Leonard exchanged punches in front of eminent scientists.
  • The Big Bang Theory' finale: Sheldon and Amy's fictional physics ...
    Source: Phys.org
  • Another moment when Leonard, Howard, and Raj plan to scare him. The episode was full of moments where they went to lengths just to scare others.
  • In one of the episodes when Howard and Sheldon fought over car parking positions. There Howard was sitting at the “Sheldon’s Spot” and that too naked. So this was entirely unacceptable for Sheldon, and he took revenge by sitting naked in Howard’s new car. So this was a hell of an episode, and frankly, Sheldon has never compromised to this extent, and this was truly unprecedented.
  • Another bazinga moment came when the rest of the guys happened to know that Raj can talk when he is drunk. This was the moment when the series got a new turn as until then; they weren’t able to decipher the reason why he was so afraid to talk. After that moment, at least Raj could talk whenever he needs to talk, although a hell lot of embarrassing situations came when he over drunk. Although it did help him in some crucial moments. And finally, when his first girlfriend Lucy left him, he was able to get rid of this too and finally talked without alcohol.
  • Sheldon’s semi-naked drunk speech in front of his colleague and other eminent scientists was one hell of an episode. This was the time when Sheldon went out of his way and walked in his underwear in front of the scientific community. The rest of the guys thought that getting drunk could help Sheldon get over his stage fear. But things turned the other way round, and the next morning his video was on YouTube with a hundred thousand views.

These are the moments we thought will be the best to share, but there are hundreds of moments that are equally funny.

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