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The Blacklist Season 8: Here’s Big Update On Its Air Date And Plot Hints

The Blacklist is based on the crime thriller and it an American TV show that broadcasted on NBC. The series of the blacklist season 8 have Raymond”Red” Reddington (James Spader), and he is a former. Navy officer in the U.S and now he turned into an offender of high-profile, who is willing to surrender in front of the FBI after escaping capture for many years.

Season 8 of the Blacklist:

The season 8 of Blacklist was revived in February as season 7 was closed. It is not possible to say when season 8 be back and all the characters of this will reunite again but this interesting series is liked by everyone across the globe. There are various followers of this show.

The Blacklist Season 8
Source: Variety

The cast members of season 8

The cast members Megan Boone and James Spader are preparing to come back again in the series. They are uniting as one and returning back. Laura Sohn who played the role of Task Force manhood Agent as Alina Park in Season 7 but later on  Park replaced by Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marno)  in Season 6 of the show. Mostly all characters will remain the same in season 8 and if there will be any changes in the faces of the characters, no official declaration is released as of now. So we have to wait till any declaration comes.

How many episodes will fans going to watch in Season 8

The producers and creators of the show currently working on how many episodes will be there in season 8. And they confirm that it will have around 19 shows and all shows are based on trilling and exciting incidents.

Rating of the show

The show gets around 8 out of 10 as rating and it is a good rating. Around 182.3 thousand fan votes for this series and help in evaluating this rating.

The coming of season 8 is confirmed but season 9 is not confirmed yet. So stay tuned to this and get all the latest updates.

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