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V wars Season 2: Chances Of Revival And Current Scenario Of Release

Fans can never get enough of the vampire stories and that’s why all the vampire shows are such big hits against viewers. We were happy when one of our favorite on-screen vampire Ian Somerhalder returned for yet another vampire story V- Wars on Netflix. Let us look into the details of the show and the upcoming second season.

Is V- Wars Returning For Yet Another Season?

While tthe first season has been a high hit amongst viewers, the second season is yet to be renewed. However, leading star Ian Somerhalder has teased some big revelations about the second season, and fans would not want to miss that.

Ian Somerhalder Talks About The Possibilities Of The Show Returning For Season 2!

As Ian revealed in an exclusive interview, there are going to be two new Indian characters in season 2. The two characters will be a father-daughter do, and they are expected to play a major role in the second season. The actor has further said that the show is a global one, it was a significant step which will help them to dive into the culture and the way they think.

Ian Somerhalder has expressed his hopeful expectations about the second season being renewed soon enough. Netflix has yet not made any announcement, but fans are hopeful to see what’s next in this vampire/ human war series. The actor has further discussed the plot design of the show and how it is different from other Vampire series.

There Might Be Two New Additions From The Second Season Onwards!

The Vampire Diaries star who is not only the executive producer of the series but has also directed the series finale went on to talk about how this is the first supernatural show that has nothing supernatural about it. It is mostly about science and medicines, and now they are trying the enrich the writing by including character that can be represented globally. They wanted to make an Indian connection as well, and these two characters will gap that bridge. We, too are looking toward seeing how the story unravels further in the Netflix series.

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